Troye Sivan Talks Death and Loneliness in “Take Yourself Home”

Troye Sivan has given his fans a quarantine present: a new track, titled “Take Yourself Home.” The track has a soft beat that slowly but surely turns into an easygoing dance track with a surprising ending. This is Troye’s first solo track since his 2018 album, Bloom. Last year, Troye collaborated with fellow alternative star, Lauv, on their track “i’m so tired…”

“Take Yourself Home” has some pretty hard-hitting lyrics. Troye sings about wasting time, sadness and even death. The track starts with ethereal vocals and a gentle strumming guitar, before Troye starts with lyrics like “If I’m gonna die, let’s die somewhere pretty” and “Sad in the summer, city needs a mother.” Although the song is easy to listen to, there’s an overarching melancholy feeling to it.

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The release timing of “Take Yourself Home” is appropriate because it sums up feelings of loneliness and being lost in the world, which many people are feeling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Troye sings that he has “got everything and nothing in my life,” which many people might be able to relate to right now. The ending of the track is the most memorable part, with an electronic breakdown — a similar style to experimental artists like Charli XCX.

The single cover for “Take Yourself Home” shows Troye’s side profile with his hair dyed red-orange. Many fans compared this cover to the movie poster for the popular coming-of-age film Lady Bird, which Troye played along with on Twitter. The release of Troye’s track brought fans happiness and an outlet to escape the reality of the world right now. The track shows growth from his previous projects, while maintaining his signature lyrical content.

Featured Image: Universal Music Australia