Alessia Cara "I Choose"

Alessia Cara Chooses Us in The Willoughbys Track “I Choose”

Alessia Cara gave us a heartwarming song from the Netflix original film The Willoughbys. The song tugs at all the right heartstrings and engulfs us in Alessia’s vocals.

The song doesn’t explore anything new, but rather focuses on Cara’s specialty for tackling emotions, which are hard for other songs and artists to discover. The lyrics are simple, yet remind us that we all choose and love someone. Through the times of being quarantined away from friends and loved ones, the lyrics “but feeling lonely don’t mean you’re alone” truly leave an impact. The song describes the feeling of being lost; however, there is always someone at the end choosing us and rooting for us. Moreover, the feeling of comfort is provided by the classic duo of guitar and piano, and the gradual buildup of instrumental music. Pertaining to the movie, Alessia is able to encompass the story in a three-minute song.

In the midst of quarantine, the song provides a sense of comfort for many. For many seniors, this song is being used to recap their high school years or their senior year, due to it being cut short. Alessia Cara once again is able to capture emotions and bring them alive through her voice. She chooses us and we gladly choose her back! Listen to the song and let us know your opinion on it in the comments below. Watch the movie The Willoughbys if you have some time on your hands!

Featured Image: Instagram (@alessiasmusic)

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