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5 Best Songs Written by My Chemical Romance’s Frontman Gerard Way

4. “Helena”

Any My Chemical Romance fan will agree that “Helena” is one of the greatest songs by the band. The song is a tribute to the Way brothers’ late grandmother, Elena. Gerard said that the song is “about why I wasn’t around for this woman who was so special to me, why I wasn’t around for the last year of her life.” The singer’s grandmother was the one who inspired him to become involved in art and music, so he wrote “Helena” as a “really angry open-letter to myself.”

Along with the song, the music video for “Helena” is arguably the most iconic My Chemical Romance music video. The video’s protagonist is actress and dancer Tracy Phillips, and many fans, who received emails from the band asking if they would like to be in the music video, play mourners in the funeral and the sixth pallbearer. Surprisingly, the rain in the music video was not planned, but director Marc Webb took advantage of it, as it set the tone for the video.

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