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5 Best Songs Written by My Chemical Romance’s Frontman Gerard Way

2. “Brother”

In 2014, Gerard Way released his first studio album, Hesitant Alien, as a solo artist after My Chemical Romance’s breakup in 2013. The brit-pop-inspired album is full of great songs such as “Zero Zero” and “Action Cat;” however, “Brother” stands out as one of the album’s best. The song may refer to either Gerard looking for help to overcome his past struggles with alcohol or to his brother Mikey’s overdose in 2014. In any case, the track shows how much Gerard loves his brother.

Way also reminisces about the old times spent with Mikey in lyrics like “I miss that sound // ‘Cause now we don’t sing so loud.” Overall, “Brother” is a sad song, especially in the intro and the outro, where we can hear slight static and people talking. The dialogue is almost inaudible, but some phrases are clearer — for example, “what’s wrong with Mikey?” and “Mikey? Where’s Mikey?” At the end of the song, one of the voices confirms that Mikey “killed himself.” This hypothetical death may refer back to the bridge in My Chemical Romance’s song “Sleep,” where Gerard sings “sometimes I see people that I love dying.”

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