Indigo Girls Offer Nostalgia for the Good Ol’ Days With New Track

Nothing like great music from a girl group to make us remember the good ol’ days! Folk-rock duo Emily Saliers and Amy Ray of Indigo Girls released three new tracks ahead of their release for their new album Look Long next month. The cover of the three-track teaser features two girls against a mountain landscape, symbolizing youth, innocence and nature. The teaser includes “When We Were Writers,” as well as “Change My Heart” and “Shit’s Kickin’.”

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April 24th

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Saliers and Ray met in elementary school and then began performing in high school. After spending their first few years at college in different schools, they transferred back home to Atlanta and attended Emory University… and the music resumed! The Atlanta natives released their first full-length album (which they self-produced!) in 1987, called Strange Fire. Their creativity and resilience as musicians was shown from the beginning with the launch of a record deal in 1988. Since then, they have came in and out of the spotlight, but the music never stopped… just look at their 15 studio albums throughout the span of their careers!

The first track on Look Long is “When We Were Writers” — an act of nostalgia and reflection for Saliers’ first two years at Tulane, which she identifies as the most “influential years” of her life. She also highlights when her music partnership with Rays began. The lyrics portray true musicians at work: being “fighters” for something they believe in, pulling “all-nighters” to get the words on paper and constantly tweaking melodies to reach perfection.

You can’t help but smile at the beat and connect with the lyrics, which promote passion and vulnerability. The rhythm is a quiet tune with southern/country flair. Saliers and Ray’s lyrics and dreamy voices paired with the calm guitar strings make for a pop-savvy track.

Saliers reveals a message of inclusivity with the song. In an interview with Billboard, she confirms that the term “writers” can be replaced with any occupation or hobby/activity that makes the person feel like they’re on cloud nine: “The word ‘writers’ becomes a metaphor for whatever fire you keep in your belly throughout life,” she says. “I chose the word ‘writers’ as a noun because I was a writer and a student, and when I was 18, I was blazing. But even now at 56 years old, it’s quieter, but it’s still a blaze.”

Take a breather and listen to the sweet voices of Saliers and Ray in “When We Were Writers.” Maybe you can tap into what makes your soul ignited, as Saliers suggested.

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