Selena Gomez "Boyfriend"

Selena Gomez Won’t Kiss Any Frogs in Music Video for “Boyfriend”

Selena Gomez surprised fans with three new tracks from her album Rare, which was released in early 2020. Out of the three tracks — “Boyfriend,” “Souvenir” and “She” — Selena also released a music video for “Boyfriend.” Along with the new songs, Selena gave Rare even more of a revamp with a new album cover art. It’s unclear if “Boyfriend” is the newest single from Selena, but it has the makings of a summer smash hit.

“Boyfriend” has such a deep beat, unlike any other song on the album. It’s also one of the more playful tracks, but is still vulnerable. In the song, Selena admits that she wants a boyfriend and no matter how hard she searches, it never works out. But she makes sure to differentiate the “difference between a want and a need,” assuring her fans that it’s okay to want love but simultaneously be okay without it.

The vibe of “Boyfriend” is reminiscent of some of Selena’s more experimental and eccentric tracks, like “Bad Liar.” It’s funky in all the right ways. Vocal effects are used in interesting ways; for example, when Selena sings the lyric “I could phone a friend, use a hotline or something // But that won’t get the job done,” which also happens to be one of her raunchiest lyrics to date. It’s one of her best songs and by far one of the best songs of 2020 so far.

The music video is very literal with a quirky twist. The video starts by showing us a cage full of frogs, which is apparent foreshadowing. We see a gorgeous (as usual) Selena Gomez going on various dates with new men, trying to find the right one. But they all end up disappointing her and, you guessed it, turning into frogs. It’s a fun video with tons of cute moments that showcase Selena’s sense of humor.

We’re so glad Selena chose to give us new music while we’re stuck at home. “Boyfriend” is a stand-out track with a fun message and incredible production. Hopefully Selena has more bonus tracks up her sleeve for us.

Featured Image: Interscope Records

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