Tenille Townes Sees the World’s Beauty in “The Most Beautiful Things”

Country’s sweetheart Tenille Townes has released a new uplifting song during these trying times. Her newest single “The Most Beautiful Things” is bringing glimpses of hope and beauty during the fight with COVID-19 and it’s everything that we all need to hear right now.

Written by Gordie Sampson, Josh Kear and Townes, the song promulgates the beauty in the little things. A delicate piano track comforts the singer-songwriter’s grit-stained vocals. The track stays minimalistic throughout and resembles the innocence of a lullaby, as it presents the perspective of the world through the eyes of children.

She sings, “I’ve seen the sun // Crash into the ocean // And paint the sky purple and pink // I’ve seen a star // Shoot out of the night // And burn up before I could blink // Snowflakes and diamonds // Daisies and lightning // We’ll never take it all in // So why do we close our eyes // When we pray, cry, kiss, dream // Maybe the most beautiful things in this life // Are felt and never seen.”

“We were all once a little kid, full of wonder, and seeing the beauty in anything,” Townes explains. “We were unafraid to be ourselves, relentlessly willing to dream the craziest of dreams because we weren’t scared of failing, or of what anyone else thought. I hope this song helps people remember what that felt like. Holding on to the love we have for each other and the most beautiful things around us, even in hard times, is what keeps that feeling alive. It makes me so thankful to get to put out this song right now in the times we are in.”

This single follows the country singer-songwriter’s debut EP, Road to the Lemonade Stand, with hit singles “Somebody’s Daughter” and “Jersey On The Wall.” “The Most Beautiful Things” follows in line with the singer’s stripped-down vibe featured on her Living Room Worktapes EP.

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Featured Image: Sony Music Nashville