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3 Newly Debuted K-pop Boy Bands to Check Out Now


MCND (Music Creates New Dream) is a five-member group from TOP Media. In January, the quintet released their pre-debut single “Top Gang.” The bass-heavy hip-hop single boasts confidence as the members introduce and charismatically hype themselves. The music video has the group decked out in vibrant styles and streetwear to match their surroundings. The single was composed by leader Castle J and co-written with fellow rappers BIC and Win.

They made their official debut in February with “Ice Age.” The single exudes that same hip-hop swagger and confidence as they remain cool and chill as ever even when the stage is burning up. Their debut EP, Into the Ice Age, contains five tracks featuring a hyped-up opening instrumental and “Top Gang.” The fresh faces show no signs of slowing down as they recently made a comeback with a new single titled “Spring.”

The rookie group has certainly made an impact with their hip-hop heavy sound and charming members. We definitely recommend checking them out.

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