Fans Reacts To Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest Postponement

Taylor Swift surprised fans back in September 2019 with a festival specifically for her latest album, Lover. The concept of the festival was to ultimately have Swift headline with the addition of some of her musician pals, thus the name Lover Fest and Friends. There were only four U.S. festival tour dates taking place at Sofi Stadium in California and Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. Upon the release of the dates, fans went feral with planning shows with their friends and spent hours upon hours in Ticketmaster queues, waiting to get tickets. Safe to say, summer 2020 was something many Swifties were looking forward to, until the announcement of its cancellation this past Friday.

From the get-go, fans weren’t informed much about Lover Fest. And even seven months into the festival being announced, fans still were not told about who the “friends” would be. So, Swifties weren’t shocked about Lover Fest being canceled.

Some Swifties were prepared for the possibility of Lover Fest being canceled and tweeted about the refunds they are expecting receive. Some even noted that, ultimately, canceling Lover Fest is a reasonable thing.

Surprisingly some Swifties got mad that Taylor cancelled Lover Fest. And that makes us question, what made you think Taylor Swift would put that many lives in danger?

To quite a good amount of Swifties, the news of the festival;’s postponement meant that they finally had a shot at getting tickets to its future dates.

And finally, some Swifties definitely felt sad — and that’s understandable. For some, they were looking forward to hanging out with their friends on their birthday. For others, it was a chance to finally travel to see their online best friends. But for most, it was to finally be able to see Taylor perform for the first time.

At the end of the day, we know Taylor Swift is just looking out for us and doing the best to keep us all safe. If you’re going to Lover Fest in 2021, we’ll see you there!

Featured Image: Republic Records

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