A Day to Remember "Mindreader"

A Day to Remember Read Our Minds With Fun Rock Hit “Mindreader”

It feels like it’s been too long, but A Day to Remember delivered just like DoorDash during quarantine. The Florida post-hardcore group announced the delay of their new album in November 2019 and we’ve been waiting. Finally, we get another taste of their seventh studio album, You’re Welcome. The band rocks again on “Mindreader.” Although not as heavy as their previous single, “Resentment,” “Mindreader” has a great blend of guitars for a summer night out with friends. The single is just what we need to dance around to alone in our homes right now.

Lyrically, “Mindreader” is strong and could easily be sung by a crowd. Particularly, the chorus is relatable to anyone who has ever tried to guess what an indecisive person in thinking. It’s been said that the song is about trying to know what a S/O is thinking during an argument. Jeremy McKinnon breathes life into these words and they vividly describe the feels and locations of the story. Compared to previous single, “Degenerates,” this seems to contain more depth.

Musically, “Mindreader” is more of an in-between to A Day to Remember’s other two singles for the album. While “Degenerates” feels very pop-punk and “Resentment” reflects more of a metalcore sound, “Mindreader” is the happy medium. It will please both old and new fans. There are still the classic guitar rifts and raspy vocals that make A Day to Remember one of the best in their field. However, we have a catchy chorus that can make this song perfect for radios and festivals.

If you were on the fence about A Day to Remember switching labels to Fueled by Ramen and maybe “selling out,” hopefully this new single will change your mind. It shows that A Day to Remember has grown and is able to span their sound across many genres. Now we just need the rest of the album for a feel-good, rocking summer. Follow the band for album and tour updates here. And if you’re still slacking, check out the creatively animated video the Florida boys paired with “Mindreader.”

Featured Image: Fueled by Ramen

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