Taylor Swift's 2008 Unapproved Live Recording EP Is Here

Taylor Swift’s 2008 Unapproved Live Recording EP Is Here

A new Taylor Swift EP was released last Thursday, but it does not have the singer’s blessing.

Swift has been in a very public feud with Scooter Braun ever since he acquired her masters in a business deal with Scott Borchetta, the former head of Swift’s label, Big Machine Records. The 30-year-old “Lover” singer is now signed with Republic Records and Universal Music Group. Her album, Lover, is the first album that she owns (as in, she owns her masters).

The arrival of the EP, Live from Clear Channel Stripped 2008, marks Swift’s second live album to be released, following Speak Now World Tour Live. It dropped last Thursday, April 23, but the recording was made early on in Swift’s career — 12 years ago, actually — to promote her second album, Fearless. It was an internet-only performance from a 2008 Clear Channel affiliate. Those who have listened to the EP have commented on how the quality is not up to par with Swift’s approved live performance releases.


In a post to her Instagram story, the “The Man” singer expressed her disapproval of the EP’s release, calling the move, “Just another case of shameless greed in the time of coronavirus. So tasteless, but very transparent.” She also wrote a scathing message to Scooter Braun, the Soros Family, Alexander Soros, 23 Capital and The Caryle Group. You can read her full statement below:

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Naturally, many Swifties have expressed their discontent towards Braun for releasing the EP without Swift’s approval. They are boycotting the EP’s release by refusing to stream it, and instead, many are redirecting fans to listen to the songs on YouTube. This way, Braun and his team will not make any money from the streams.



Since Taylor disapproves of her work being exploited in this form, we fully stand by her statement and discourage fans from streaming.

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  1. What is interesting about this situation is that even though Big Machine has their own YouTube they uploaded this album to, Taylor’s official YouTube also uploaded the album with “Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group” written in the description.

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