The 1975 "If You're Too Shy"

Stories of Lust Take Flight in “If You’re Too Shy” by The 1975

With their debut in 2013, electro-pop leaders The 1975 slowly became powerhouses for millennial romance and challenges. They never disappoint and always catch us in the feels. Their songs are bold explorations of relationships, love, battles and vulnerability, with a range of sounds that sweep through our veins.

The jam “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” previewed back in February while the band was in the UK on tour. Since then, Matt Healy, George Daniel, Ross MacDonald and Adam Hann have been hard at work bringing their new album to life, which should release at the end of May. If the tracks are of similar coat to “Too Shy,” the upcoming new album Notes on a Conditional Form is sure to rock our worlds.

The single begins in dreamy fashion, with soft guitar chords and coated vocals from guests FKA Twigs. Then the pace picks up and we’re cued into the lead singer Matt Healy’s story of the early stages in online relationships. As listeners, we can’t help but sway and shake to the rhythm, which combines elements of ’80s pop, infectious saxophone and techno funk.

In the chorus, Healy sings, “She says, ‘Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes.’” He takes us through the fascination that forms as you get to know the person behind the profile, and then the sparks that ignite after the initial meeting.

Other additions to your summer playlist for 2020 can be found within the band’s other albums! Both 2016’s i like it when you sleep… and 2019’s a brief inquiry into online relationships continue their experimentation with high-energy and synth-y beats, while expressing our essential need for connection.

Most recently, The 1975 collaborated with folk star Phoebe Bridgers for the tender duet, “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.” Bridgers was supposed to tour with the group and be their opening act in support of their album, but the voyage was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, they are hard at work and already producing the follow-ups to Notes. We can’t wait!

Don’t be shy… check out the track here!

Featured Image: Dirty Hit

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