Keith Urban "Polaroid"

Keith Urban’s Music Video for “Polaroid” is Picture Perfect

Like many other artists, country music superstar Keith Urban has dropped a new single amid the coronavirus pandemic. This single is heartwarming, fresh, and of course, new, while keeping in line with classic the Keith Urban sound. No one has been able to get out much, but our favorite singers have been bringing the summer hits to us — this is definitely going to be one of them!

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Keith Urban is not new to making upbeat, catchy songs that continue to be long-time hits, and “Polaroid” is no different. “Polaroid” brings a nostalgic twist to a very upbeat song. The song is incredibly heartfelt and allows listeners to take a trip down memory lane in their own experiences. The video for “Polaroid” also has a trippy vibe to it, taking Keith back in time. The effects that they used in this video are incredible and it is definitely worth the watch. And the lyrics are pretty great, too.

Urban sings, “Too many times these moments they come and go // How lucky was I that our moment was set in stone // Even though the colors faded // And everybody changes // Holdin’ on to this photo.” This song reminds us to take photos of the moments that matter so that we have a way to experience the memories and see how far we have come.

While we are still unsure of summer tours at the moment, this song brings a summertime feel to any playlist. “Polaroid” may also encourage you to create some of your own polaroids while at home with loved ones. This song is going to be one of the many that will appear on his new album set to release sometime in the fall.

You can watch the music video for “Polaroid” below:

Featured Image: Capitol Records Nashville

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