OSTON "Shrug"

OSTON Shrugs Off Insecurity in Her Latest Single “Shrug”

Rising star OSTON has released the ultimate summer bop just in time for the season. Whether you’re on the beach or quarantining inside and dreaming of the beach, “Shrug” is the perfect song to put on while you dance away your worries. It’s the perfect introduction to OSTON’s personality — someone who doesn’t need to fit in and stays true to her authentic self. Additionally, this single will get you excited about her upcoming album, which doesn’t have a release date yet.

“Shrug” is an upbeat, empowering anthem for anyone who has given up on trying to be something they’re not. Since her move to Los Angeles, OSTON has experienced this firsthand. “In the last year, I’ve learned that it’s more fun being a dork than trying to fit in,” she explains. “Everyone is insecure! The best thing you can do is learn to shrug it off when people judge you instead of letting it eat you alive.”

This is OSTON’s first song since her debut EP released last year, Sitting at the Kids Table, and definitely shows her creative growth. The songwriting is sharp, with each lyric perfect for a witty Instagram caption or mantra. There’s humor, eccentricity and fun within every line of the song. “Shrug” is about not feeling like you fit in when everyone’s trying so desperately to look cool. There’s tons of personality throughout the song, showcasing OSTON’s sense of humor and unique outlook on life.

Produced by Dino Zisis and Nigel Hemmye, “Shrug” has many fun and unique elements sprinkled throughout the track. One of the most memorable moments of the song is the cheeky sound of a can being opened directly following the lyric “Swimming circles ’round some girl sipping // Her vodka soda.” Another strong element is during the pre-chorus, where OSTON lets out her frustration while singing, “I can’t relate to // All your bullshit,” truly making it the perfect song to sing at the top of your lungs.

In such a trying time, “Shrug” is the mood booster that everyone needs. OSTON is celebrating individuality by brushing off societal pressure and having more fun by being yourself. It’s a strong first single, which will surely get anyone excited about OSTON’s future releases.

Featured Image: Austin Wolfe Music

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