Sam Smith Shares Details About Upcoming Album: It Will Explore ‘My Queerness’

If you’re stoked for new Sam Smith music, you’re not alone. From the sound of it, the “Dancing With a Stranger” singer is looking forward to it, too. And that’s because their next release promises to be their most honest LP yet. How do we know? Well, in a new interview with ABC Radio, Smith opened up about about the themes fan can expect to hear on the upcoming album — their “queerness” being one of them.

“[It’s] really deep into exploring my gender, exploring my queerness,” Smith said when asked about the upcoming project. The singer also explained that the album was made at a time when Smith was really embraces their true self. “I changed my pronouns and I was feeling so happy to be myself,” Smith said.

Smith also added that they wrote the album during a phase of clubbing, partying, and being surrounded by great company. “I was going out in Los Angeles a lot and I was dancing and I was drinking loads, having a wonderful time with all my friends,” they said. “I went into the studio and the guys who were writing with me said: ‘What do you want to say?'”

Smith’s album was originally set to be released on May 1, 2020, but was later pushed back to June 5. Unfortunately, the singer had to push back the release date again due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “I have done a lot of thinking the last few weeks and feel that the title of my album and imminent release doesn’t feel right, so I have come to the decision to continue working on the album and make some important changes and additions,” they wrote.

But Smith didn’t leave fans with nothing. On April 17, they released their single “I’m Ready” with Demi Lovato. And yes, it’s a bop.

Featured Image: Instagram (@samsmith)