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Florence Welch Honored the Met Gala With an Uplifting Performance of “You’ve Got the Love”

Like most events, this year’s Met Gala was sadly postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But just because the equally glamorous and prestigious event didn’t go on as planned yesterday, May 4, doesn’t mean that Vogue didn’t find a way to honor years and years of Met Gala history.

Yep! The high fashion magazine honored the Met Gala yesterday with a virtual celebration that paid homage to all of the best Met Gala moments, and of course, fashion. And to bring the already thrilling celebration up a notch, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour introduced Florence Welch for an uplifting performance.

“Good evening,” Wintour said. “Normally, on the first Monday in May, I would find myself on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art greeting the guest for the annual Costume Institute Gala. Instead, I find myself at home, like most of you.” Wintour also added that millions of people are struggling right now, “and the postponement of a party is nothing in comparison.”

Minutes later, Wintour introduced Welch. “It would be impossible to recreate the Met Gala here tonight,” she said. “Nonetheless, I have asked a friend to join us on Vogue‘s YouTube channel to give us a special moment of joy and of hope.”

Welch is no stranger to the Met Gala, either. The Florence + the Machine frontwoman performed at the gala “nearly a decade ago,” according to Wintour, and she told the editor that it was “one of the most extraordinary moments of her life.” And so, Welch performed her uplifting track “You’ve Got the Love” in a silk dress from her living room, which, by the way, looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

From the looks of it, Florence’s fans really loved her performance, and felt deeply moved by it considering the circumstances we are now in. “Florence and her music is a light of love in this hard time,” one person wrote in the comments. “Florence’s voice is nothing but angelic,” someone else wrote.

Thank you, Florence, for an incredible performance. And we look so forward to October 29, the rescheduled date of the Costume Institute’s “About Time: Fashion and Duration” exhibition.

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