H.E.R. Releases Desolate Songland Single “Wrong Places”

After appearing as a special guest on NBC’s Songland last week, H.E.R. released a vulnerable single, titled “Wrong Places.” In the song, H.E.R. confesses that in the past she has “searched for love in all the wrong places,” and expresses her inclination to fall in love with the right person.

Perhaps the most moving aspect of “Wrong Places” is the somber lyricism, complemented by the combination of an acoustic guitar production and H.E.R.’s warm soulful vocals. Opening the song, she sings, “Looking for love in all the wrong places // Looking for us in all the wrong faces (Faces) // I’m always looking for lust when I’m wine-drunk and faded // Looking for love, I think we should make it.” Truly, H.E.R. narrates a train of delicate thoughts that we know all too well, but are often too afraid to admit. She continues in the chorus, “‘Cause I’ve been feeling lonely // Hold me (Hold me) // Tell me that you think I’m pretty // Show me how to love and then // Show me how to love again.”

Although this fresh track fits seamlessly into the two-time Grammy-winning artist’s lyrical aesthetic, the song was actually written by actress and singer-songwriter Raquel Castro. After enduring Songland‘s invigorating songwriting competition, Castro won the opportunity to have her original piece released under H.E.R.

In her Songland backstage interview, Castro revealed that she composed the song when she was experiencing a low point in her life. She explained how after her big break in the 2004 comedy Jersey Girl, she found it very challenging to move forward with other passions, due to how fame affected her.

In a recent Instagram post, Castro shared a more in-depth version of the story behind “Wrong Places.” “My journey to songwriting feels very unique. I started my career in the entertainment industry at a very young age and have been trying to find my place and purpose ever since. Throughout my journey, I have always had a habit of second-guessing not only myself but THINGS in my life. I’d sometimes struggle with this battle in my brain and a huge question mark on whether or not I was worthy or talented enough to receive certain opportunities.” Obviously, Castro proves to herself (and the world) that she is more than worthy to be a part of the music industry, and H.E.R. fans can’t thank her enough for this graceful ballad.

Featured Image: Instagram (@hermusicofficial)