HAIM Drop the Perfect Social Distancing Anthem in “I Know Alone”

As fans grow more eager for the release of HAIM’s third studio album, Women in Music Pt. III, due out later this summer, they also grow more unsure of the record’s exact sound. The three-piece have unveiled another track from the record, entitled “I Know Alone,” which doesn’t give much away, but feels ever so timely.

On “I Know Alone,” HAIM continue a trend that has developed in the tracks released so far from Women in Music, Pt. III. From the meandering funk of “Summer Girl” to the skittering electro of “Now I’m In It,” the record takes a distinct step away from the the sound they carved out on their initial two studio albums. The songs dropped so far have been experimental, with more differences than similarities. So far, this new approach has been very successful, and that continues on “I Know Alone.”

A quirky, synth-driven track, “I Know Alone” is complex sonically, as it flickers between electronic beats and instruments; one battling the other for dominance with neither winning out. It makes for an extremely interesting listen. As experimental as the track is, it does have that distinct HAIM sound to pull it together. Laid-back but airtight harmonies dance over the tumbling beat. Lyrically, the track feels distinctly of the times, perfectly capturing how the world feels as lockdown and self-isolation rule over us. “Been a couple days since I’ve been out // Calling all my friends but they won’t pick up,” the girls sing. “Found another room in a different place // Sleeping through the day and I dream the same.”

Overall, “I Know Alone” gives away very little about the exact sound the sisters are going for on their third record. However, it does mark another home run for the girls, as they step outside their box to see what other sounds there are to play with. “I Know Alone” might well be an experimental sound, but it also could not feel more perfectly HAIM if the girls tried.

Featured Image: Twitter (@HAIMtheband)