Grimes Explains The Meaning Behind Her Newborn Son’s Exotic Name

Earlier this week, singer Grimes and Tesla CEO Elon Musk welcomed a baby boy into the world, and ever since, the internet hasn’t stopped talking about his very interesting, very unique name. At first, many of Musk’s followers thought he was joking when he announced via Twitter that their son’s name is X Æ A-12. But alas, it’s true.

Yep! Grimes took to Twitter herself to confirm the baby’s name and to explain the sentimental meaning behind it. And as it turns out, the different parts of the name all match up to some of the couple’s favorite things. “‘X’ stands for the “unknowable variable,” Grimes explained. “Æ” is her “elven spelling” of love and/or artificial intelligence, and “A-12” is the pair’s favorite aircraft that’s known internally as “Archangel.”

If you’re still confused after Grimes’ explanation and would like to know how exactly one would pronounce X Æ A-12, you’re in luck. Some savvy Twitter users determined that the correct pronunciation of the baby’s name is either “Ash Archangel” or “Sasha Archangel.” Who would’ve thought?

Prior to Grimes’ explanation, though, people in the Twitterverse were confused. And the name announcement actually inspired some pretty funny tweets with people speculating how their son’s name might actually be pronounced. See?

Whatever the case may be, welcome to the world X Æ A-12!

Featured Image: Instagram (@grimes)