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Kim Petras’ “Malibu” Feels Like a Breezy Ride Down the Pacific Coast Highway

Well, the wait is officially over, you guys. The perfect summer bop has finally arrived, and we all have pop songstress Kim Petras to thank. The “Heart to Break” singer just dropped her brand new single “Malibu” today, May 7, and we’re not kidding when we say that the track will have you wanting to roll down your windows and breathe in the salty ocean air while cruising along the beach this summer (in a safe, socially distanced manner, of course).

“Tell me how do I get over you / When your eyes are so pacific view,” Petras sings on the first verse, alluding to the struggle of trying to get over someone you’re just so enamored by. And having deep blue eyes doesn’t help the situation, either. But lyrics aside, the best part of the track is its bright synths and its extraordinarily danceable beat.

The song only gets better from there. Not only is the powerhouse chorus fun to sing along to, but Petras pauses and builds up excitement at precisely the right moments. The break that comes immediately before the last chorus, where her voice jumps up an octave, is proof.

Lyrically, the song wraps up much like it began. Similar to real life, Petras hasn’t quite found the solution on how to stop thinking about your crush and all of their dreamy qualities. “Tell me how do I get over you / When your kisses taste like Malibu,” she sings before the track fades out. Kim Petras is us, and we are Kim Petras.

Though the song is officially out today, the pop star hosted a release party on Zoom last night, May 6. And while it’s likely not the release party she had imagined given that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has us all hunkering down indoors and avoiding events altogether, fans were still stoked about it.

“ILL SEE U THERE BBY,” one fan wrote in the comments of the release party announcement on Instagram. “Malibu is ready to claim the summer!!!” another fan added. And after hearing the track for yourself, we feel more than confident that you’ll agree.

Featured Image: Joey James

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