songs for a quarantine summer
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10 Songs to Blast in Your Car During a Quarantined Summer

songs for a quarantine summer

As someone actively making their living in the live concert production industry, seeing COVID-19 bring the business to a screeching halt has been astounding.

As the summer music festival calendar continues to shrink by the day, social distancing procurements have forced music lovers around the world to hold their own personal concerts while driving in their cars to fill the void — which is high on the list of ways to stay sane during this difficult time. Few things ease the mind like buzzing down an empty freeway with the windows down, the sun shining and your favorite song cranked up high. In that moment, no matter what is going on in your life, everything feels right.

Here are 10 songs that are perfect for spending a summer in quarantine. And if you’d like, check out the playlist on Spotify here.

Featured Image: Instagram (@zaralarsson)

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