Aly and AJ Drop Modern-Day Disco Track “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor”

Sister duo Aly and AJ have released a new track titled “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor,” leading up to their album release. Although there’s no date or further information about their first full album in 13 years, this track is sure to get fans excited about what’s to come. Continuing their comeback from a ten-year, post-Disney hiatus, Aly and AJ have been putting out music unlike any other ex-act. Their unique sound comes from experimenting with interesting production and consistently serving ethereal vocals.

“Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor” is a flawless addition to their post-Disney discography, standing out but continuing their indie-pop signature sound. The track sonically encapsulates the distinctive title. With a title like “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor,” it’s hard not to wonder what that would sound like, or what it even means. In the inventive lyrics and groovy production, Aly and AJ bring the riddle to life.

At its core, “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor” is a traditional, modern-day disco track. The production is so great that it’s hard to realize there aren’t many lyrics throughout the song. The buildup in the chorus accentuates the beat drop, followed by an addictive upbeat tempo. The lyrics are equally unique, with a chorus of strong vocals proclaiming, “We don’t stop // Until mascara’s on the dance floor // We say, “No” // Joan of Arc is on the dance floor.” The lyrics don’t take things too literally and are more visual, compared to creating a specific narrative. The focus on this track is the way it makes you feel, while the lyrics serve as an ambiguous anthem.

Aly and AJ are never boring and always push themselves to be more creative. “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor” is meant to be played loud and in a sea of dancing people. Although that might make us melancholy because of the current quarantine, it also gives us something to look forward to when we can all be together again. After “wow”ing us with track after track, Aly and AJ’s album is undeniably anticipated by us all.

Featured Image: Instagram (@alyandaj)