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Greyson Chance Unleashes Sickly Sweet New Track “Honeysuckle”

It’s difficult to know how a child star is going to turn out, and in a world where the internet can make you an instant star, it’s even harder. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, and sometimes it does. In the case of Greyson Chance, it has certainly worked out. After rising to fame in 2010 and taking a break from music to go to college, Chance returned with a major triumph in the form of his sophomore studio album, Portraits, which dropped in early 2019.

The record showcased a new side of Chance, an artist who had something to say. With the release of his latest track, “Honeysuckle,” Chance continues that trend.

The third track released from his upcoming third record, after “Boots” and “Dancing Next To Me,” “Honeysuckle,” is a super interesting listen. The track, which Chance says is inspired by how a person changes just as the seasons do, pulls from recent trends in a completely unique way.

Chance’s vocals are distorted, masked by the same heavy vocoder that coated much of Taylor Swift‘s 2017 record, Reputation, including the sleeper hit “Delicate.” Unlike “Delicate,” where the vocoder worked to portray vulnerability, the vocal distortion on “Honeysuckle” provides a sense of dimension and strength, working with the lyrics to portray that sense of joy and freedom that comes as we grow.

“Honeysuckle” also weaves in some wonderful metaphors. Chance compares the feeling of freedom and elation that is being honeysuckle in a tree — high and untouchable, so much so that it’s like defying gravity. His metaphors are beautiful, almost Swiftian in nature themselves. “When you’re reckless in the summer, that heat,” he sings, “You let him wonder // But you never let him sink in his teeth.”

“Honeysuckle” is a gorgeously-crafted number that embraces itself and its message, basking without a care in the world in the sunlight. If you weren’t a fan of Chance before now, this sickly-sweet tune will do the trick.

Featured Image: Twitter (@greysonchance)

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