DAY6 Drop Cathartic The Book of Us: The Demon EP

DAY6 have released their sixth EP, The Book of Us: The Demon. Fronted by the title track, “Zombie,” The Demon is the third installment of their Book of Us album series. The day before the album release, the quintet announced that they would be temporarily suspending team activities, and would be unable to promote the album, due to health reasons.

“Zombie” is a mid-tempo, pop-rock song, in which they compare the daily routine and mundane aspects of life to the life (or rather, lack of) of a zombie. Although zombies are known for literally being dead and unfeeling on the inside, the track is full of emotion, with catchy and relatable lyrics.

“I became a zombie // I walk on drifting aimlessly // Tomorrow will be no different // I live counting the time I close my eyes,” they sing on the chorus. The music video captures the essence of a zombie by following the life of a typical office cubicle worker feeling trapped, and later wandering aimlessly through bustling city streets.

The Demon features eight tracks, including an English version of “Zombie.” As usual, all songs are written and composed by the members themselves.

The album kicks off with the bright and refreshing “Day and Night.” With uptempo instrumentals, the band sings about the ups and downs of a possible relationship, with the timing never falling into place. “Tick Tock” has the members ruminating over a relationship that’s gradually deteriorating as time goes on.

As “Love me or Leave me” comes around, we’re starting to wonder who exactly hurt Young K. However, it’s like therapy for listeners as well. With sorrowful lyrics and flawlessly executed instrumentals, this could have done just as well as a title track.

“STOP” has more of a classic rock ‘n’ roll sound, and the bass has never sounded better, thanks to Young K. If you’re completely over it and want to set an empty car on fire just for the hell of it, listen to this track. “1 to 10” is another infectious classic rock track.

As the album closes out, we’re still in our feels with the heartbreaking, relatable and acoustic-tinged “Afraid.” It has us wondering if we’ll ever be good enough for someone in any type of relationship.

As introspective lyricists, talented vocalists and instrumentalists, DAY6 delivers yet another excellent project. If you’re not on the DAY6 train yet, this is the right time to hop on. The Demon feels different from their previous work, as they’ve somehow managed to retain their signature rock flair, but make it more universal and appealing. If you’re in need of some healing and therapeutic soundscapes, look no farther than the pop-rock wonderland of DAY6.

Listen to DAY6’s The Book of Us: The Demon now:

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment