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Annie O’Malley’s Golden EP Is Warm Sunshine and a Breath of Fresh Air

Many of us have been listening to the same artists on repeat, but let’s be real: There’s no better time than now, in quarantine, to discover new music. And if there’s one artist you need to listen to ASAP, it’s Chicago-native Annie O’Malley, whose latest EP Golden is both subtle and refreshing.

Golden is the EP you play when you’re going for a drive along the coastline. Or the score you want for your coming-of-age film. It begins with “mrs.nice,” a song that’s balanced in its tone and phrasing. Lyrically, the song grapples with feelings she’s experiencing, despite knowing that she shouldn’t feel that way.


The next track on the EP is “Golden Doves,” a calm song that’s heavily dependent on instruments and harmonies to maintain a sense of comfort. The song is about a love that once existed and the revival of those memories. Musically, things shift on the third track, titled “Island.” The rejuvenating song explores a time when O’Malley was distanced from her friends. “I wrote the song island about others not accepting who you are and how lonely it makes you feel,” she wrote on Instagram.


The EP ends with “Planet Golden,” an empowering song from where Annie emerges as a stronger, newer person. Sometimes, a little reinvention is what we need, and O’Malley’s definitely proven that to be true with Golden.

Listen to Annie O’Malleys EP golden on Spotify.

Featured Image: Instagram (@Annieomalleyy)

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