Anson Seabra Is the Epitome of Sentimental on Debut EP, Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom

Midwest native Anson Seabra has the world’s sentimentality in his hands. His acoustic style, soothing voice and love of language have a way of latching onto listeners’ hearts. Seabra’s debut EP, Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom — which dropped May 8 — is 15 tracks full of passion and vulnerability.

The first track, “Dawning of Spring,” opens up with the phrase, “I dreamed a dream,” and sets the tone for an incredibly organic sound. “Emerald Eyes” follows with a continuation of the nature theme as he sings, “The birds they sang a melody // My heart was keeping time // And we were dancing on the edge of something new // Slow at first but still it seems // That we’ll go down in history // As lovers from the start, just me and you.”

Continuing the scenic setting and intimate subject matters over intricate piano workings, “Somewhere in Ann Arbor” keeps up the scenic visuals, though the perspective shifts. Focused on the darker — and lonelier — side of love, Seabra sings, “Somewhere in Ann Arbor there’s a vacant hotel room where he leaves all of his lovers high and dry.” This song expresses the reality of being human and not living the life you want. In fact, he confesses, “Oh, he’s got it all // He’s got the life that they all said that he would want // And oh, he’s got it good // So why the hell can’t he start feeling like he should.

“Hindenburg Lover” details a relationship gone awry, while “When It’s Over” tackles heartbreak and wanting to isolate and hurt alone. “Kerosene” adds to the emotional pain as Seabra sings, “Kerosene, kerosene // She lit me up // She left me numb // I call her kerosene.”

“Last Time” launched the indie singer-songwriter’s career when it was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, while “Trying My Best” touches on the importance of mental health and having a safe space. “I wrote Trying My Best at a time when my life wasn’t really working out the way I wanted it to. I was depressed and unmotivated, slightly sad, but somehow I knew that there was more to the story,” Seabra said. “I looked at myself and at the people around me — people I loved, my friends, my fans — and I saw that they were all struggling in their own way. And even if it didn’t look like it on the outside, they were trying their best. I was trying my best. How could we not be?”

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Featured Image: Friends Support Friends