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Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” Video Is Here, And Suddenly No Other Fruits Exist

It’s been years since Call Me By Your Name starring Timothée Chalet came out, and still, fans of the actor can’t stop talking about the film’s iconic peach scene. Welp, Harry Styles may have just changed the game because his new music video for “Watermelon Sugar” came out today, May 18, and now it feels as though all other fruits — peaches included — suddenly cease to exist.

The juicy and tantalizing video kicks off with an ~interesting~ dedication that hits hard amid the coronavirus pandemic: “This video is dedicated to touching.” Turns out, it’s completely true. The video kicks off with Styles dining on the beach by himself in a colorful knit tank top, taking in the sweet sea breeze while gently touching a watermelon with his fingertips. (Confirmed: Chalamet’s peach is shaking).

Finally, Styles bites into the center of the watermelon on the first chorus, and suddenly he’s no longer alone. Soon enough, he’s surrounded by a variety of watermelon-loving models who are posing with the fruit, eating the fruit, and feeding the fruit to Styles himself during a beautiful day at the beach (can you say dream job?).

Overall, the video couldn’t be more perfect for summer. After all, for many of us, the beach is one of the only places we can go this year as we continue to social distance ourselves. And although our beach days will likely look a lot different than the former One Direction star’s, there’s no denying that the video’s still a whole ass vibe.
Styles’ fans agree, and during the live premiere of the video on YouTube, many couldn’t even believe their eyes. “I’VE LOST MY MIND,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Due to this video I am not OK,” another person wrote. Yeah, we feel that. But perhaps the most poignant comment was the one from a fan who called the video “pure art,” because let’s be real: It’s a total masterpiece.

Check out Styles’ juicy video for “Watermelon Sugar” up above. And while you’re at it, you should probably let Timothée Chalamet know that peaches are officially canceled.

Featured Image: YouTube (Harry Styles)

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