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5 Music Videos That Set Jack Johnson Apart

1. “At Or With Me”

In “At Or With Me,” Johnson comedian Andy Samberg – who did a skit on Saturday Night Live mocking Johnson and his mellow musical style — duke it out. Johnson is shown playing a show when Samberg and his The Lonely Island crew enter the venue and proceed to make noise, much to the dismay of Johnson. Samberg continues to make fun of Johnson throughout the performance and they get into a bar fight, which features smashing bottles of liquor and throwing chairs, as well as Samberg stabbing Johnson in the leg with a fork. They take it outside and Samberg gets hit by a car as he stumbles into the road. Johnson helps Samberg up and things appear to be all figured out between them. They party together and Johnson continues performing. Samberg then goes onstage and hits Johnson in the back with a chair, knocking him off the stage as the song ends.

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