The Jonas Brothers Send a Virtual Congratulations to College Grads Everywhere

The Jonas Brothers came together to wish graduating college seniors of 2020 a happy virtual graduation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduating class of 2020 is having online graduations in lieu of the usual in-person ceremonies.

The band of brothers teamed up with HER Campus Media’s “I’m Still Graduating” virtual graduation ceremony for exclusive videos dedicated to women who are in the graduating class of 2020. Billboard received the exclusive videos and were the first to report on them.

Kevin Jonas says, “Congratulations on your virtual campus graduation. I have yet to graduate myself, so you are one step ahead. Congratulations! Enjoy your day — we love you.”

The youngest Jo-Bro, Nick Jonas, additionally voices his support, saying, “Congratulations to all the incredible women graduating virtually. I hope it’s awesome, congrats!”

Joe Jonas is joined by his wife, Sophie Turner, in his video shout-out. “So proud of all of you. You have done an amazing job and look at you now. Here we are, virtually graduating. We’ll always remember this one. Well done, ladies!” Turner piped in by adding, “We don’t have college degrees so we’re really impressed with you.”

The virtual graduation videos coincided with the band’s brand new single releases, “XV,” which includes “X, featuring Karol G, and “Five More Minutes.”

“X” picked up some radio play on its release date. The track features Karol G, a well-known Latin artist, who provides a nice flare to this sure-to-be summer anthem.

“Five More Minutes” is a slower ballad that the trio premiered at the 2020 Grammys during their live performance of “What A Man Gotta Do.” The track was heavily requested by fans and the brothers decided to release it alongside “X.”

Featured Image: Instagram (@JonasBrothers)

Sarah DeNunzio

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