Tracee Ellis Ross Delivers Self-Love Anthem “Love Myself” from The High Note

Black-ish‘s Tracee Ellis Ross is starring in the new film, The High Note, out May 29, 2020. And from the flick there’s a brand new mellow self-love anthem called “Love Myself,” with vocals courtesy of Tracee herself.

With light piano and soothing vocals, “Love Myself” begins with Tracee explaining how she forgets that things felt simple when she was younger, and now that she’s grown she feels uneasy. This is something we all can relate to as we grow older. With lyrics like, “I don’t really care if everybody likes me / I just want to love myself, love myself,” we can recognize the emotions in the song because we’ve all felt them ourselves.

Another lyric reads, “Am I a stranger if I don’t recognize myself? / Trying to fix up something real.” When you’re trying to practice self-care, it can often feel like you’re becoming someone new — and this song captures that. The High Note track not only is speaking to Tracee’s character but also to everyone who hears it. The melody feels like it’s reading your diary, or almost as if you’re speaking with a friend while listening.

In The High Note, the actress plays the role of Grace Davis, a superstar singer who is fighting to keep her career on the trajectory she wants. Despite what her record company thinks, she doesn’t believe her singing career is ready to be in its final act. And she has help from her personal assistant, Maggie (played by Dakota Johnson), to prove them wrong.

You can download and stream “Love Myself” as part of your self-love routine now. You can also premiere The High Note at home starting on May 29.

Featured Image: Instagram (@thehighnotefilm)