Foster the People Provide a Psychedelic-Pop Offering in “Lamb’s Wool”

Sometimes, when you release a song is just as important as any other factor.

Strictly speaking, Foster the People‘s latest single, “Lamb’s Wool,” is a pretty generic psychedelic-pop offering — there’s tons of wavy synth, whispered vocals and a laid-back tempo that’s perfect for just vibing.

Under any other circumstance, it wouldn’t be anything impressive, and yet, this time, this kind of song hits just right. Whether it’s because Foster the People are just that much better at writing vibe-y pop songs or because it’s being released just as summer is starting up, it’s hard to say. What isn’t hard to say is that “Lamb’s Wool” is a good song.

Had this been released any other time, it’d be easy to ignore — but since it’s coming out now, right before the start of summer, it feels prefect.

It’s the kind of song that you want to listen to on long summer night drives and at beach parties (the kind we used to have before social distancing, anyway). It’s the kind of song that makes you feel good. It’s like if the Gorillaz were less complicated. And yes, sometimes that can be a really good thing.

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Of course, this being Foster the People, if you want to keep feeling good, it’s probably best not to listen too hard to the lyrics. While this is no “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Lamb’s Wool” is still a more emotional song than its fun, psychedelic-pop sound lets on.

If you are someone who has to listen to the lyrics, it’s more of a “lay on your floor at three AM” kind of song and less of a “beach party vibe song,” but if you’re the kind of person who can just enjoy a song for what it is, then it’s a perfect summer song. And for most of us, even if we are a bit fake-deep, we can.

So thanks, Foster the People, for providing us with a chill song that can pad out our summer playlists.

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