HAIM "Don't Wanna"

HAIM Encourage Us Not to Give Up on “Don’t Wanna”

For those that never give up on love, we’ve found a cool summer bop for you! The HAIM sisters shared their new track “Don’t Wanna” from their EP, with a few songs set to feature on their upcoming album, Women In Music Pt. III. We can’t wait; plus, we love the title!

Before forming their sisterhood in the band, Este, Danielle and Alana Haim played in a cover band with their parents, performing at local restaurants and stages in their hometown of LA. Talk about family power! In 2013, the trio made their debut, Days Are Gone. The first track, “Forever,” was included in the movie Paper Towns, adding to the good vibes and adventure the film provided. Their style is emotional, tough and sweet at the same time. Each sister plays different instruments, yet all contribute to the lyrics and tone.

The first second is a strong start, with the ladies sharing a difficult break-up. Despite the betrayal and lost nights, they proclaim, “I don’t wanna give up on you.” Their signature style can be found here, with harmony and energy that can’t be replaced! You’ll catch yourself humming along in the car, cruisin’ to the beach!

Although the beginning is a sad story, the drums come through as the song continues, changing the beat and lifting our mood by the end! The track is a mix of Janis Joplin and Taylor Swift: a dreamy essence, with lyrics that have an impact!

Last week, they went on The Late Late Show With James Corden to perform the track live for the first time. Quarantined separately in their own homes, the sisters displayed collaboration and chemistry, delivering a superb performance, despite the distance. “This song rolled off the tongue,” the band said of the song. “It’s sexy, flirty and hopeful.”

Since the pandemic, the ladies of HAIM have been quarantining in their homes. However, they did unite a few weeks ago to create a unique music video for their track “I Know Alone.” The ladies are adhering to lock-down laws, as the video remains in one setting: their backyard at their parents’ house. We see various dance moves and different styles as the video evolves!

You’re gonna wanna check it out!

Featured Image: Instagram (@haimtheband)

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