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Nick Jonas Honors Frontline Workers on “Until We Meet Again”

While things are a little different right now for live TV, especially for singing shows like The Voice, the contestants and coaches are making the best of the situation. While The Voice finale went virtual this past week, Nick Jonas was still able to release his latest track, “Until We Meet Again.” “Until We Meet Again” is incredibly heartfelt, and will most definitely pull on your heartstrings.


“Until We Meet Again” is the latest quarantine anthem, and it’s such a heartfelt tribute to the front-line workers. The single is Jonas’ first solo release since the Jonas Brothers reunion. “Until We Meet Again” perfectly displays Nick’s vocal talent and is a great addition to any playlist. Some of the heartfelt lyrics that fans like the best are: “So until we meet again // I’ma keep smiling (Smiling) // We could be miles apart // But you know I’m never too far // My friend, until we meet again.” This song is such a great reminder that no matter how far the distance and no matter what we face, our friends are never too far away!

One thing that fans are loving about the song is the music video that Nick made (social-distancing style). It was shot in a sunny field and showed him writing messages across a whiteboard. There are also many images of front-line workers, including doctors/nurses, store workers and other types of essential workers. Something else fans are loving is the brief cameo of his wife, Priyanka Chopra, who adds to the heartfelt imagery of the video. This song is full of hope, and to add to the greatness, proceeds from this song go to Feeding America, something everyone can get behind!

Check out the heartfelt “Until We Meet Again” here!

Featured Image: Instagram (@nickjonas)

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