MisterWives "Superbloom"

Dance to the Tune of Triumph With MisterWives’ “Superbloom”

2020 is the year to celebrate our successes, even when things are difficult. MisterWives have created the perfect anthem for being proud of overcoming adversity. “Superbloom” is the latest single and title track of their upcoming third studio album. Last fall, the New York band gave us a taste of their new sound with the EP, Mini Bloom. Now, they’ve gone from a mini bloom to a full-blown super bloom. Instrumentals for their new album so far are bright, positive and fun. Coupled with singer Mandy Lee‘s convincing words, it seems like the band is on their way to another hit album.

The song “Superbloom” is named after flowers blooming in the desert. It’s the perfect symbolism for breaking through the ground after a time of struggle. Mandy belts about how grateful she is for pushing through adversity and coming out stronger on the other side. She sings, “I deserve congratulations,” providing a friendly reminder that it’s OK to be proud of yourself. The lyrics are inspiring to listeners and also provide some deeper insight into the band.

As always, a great MisterWives song is paired with crazy instrumentals and “Superbloom” is no different. The beautiful keys paired with the trumpet add an airy ambiance. It’s lively, yet delicate — just like a flower blooming. However, it’s still a track that would be great to dance to at a show. MisterWives do a great job at growing with what is popular in the indie/alternative scene while always sounding unapologetically like themselves.

If Superbloom the album is anything like the single, we can’t wait. The band’s continued matching of honest lyrics with funky instrumentals stands out amongst other artists. “SUPERBLOOM” is an empowering and truly special song. Although we can’t dance along with Mandy and the boys on stage just yet, we will be jamming to it in our rooms for now. It’s the perfect track as the air gets warm again, so check it out.

Featured Image: Fueled by Ramen

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