GRACEY and Ruel Drop “Empty Love” to Portray Effects of Social Media

UK pop artist GRACEY teamed up with her talented Australian peer Ruel for her new single, “Empty Love,” and it’s the collaboration we never knew we needed.

This is GRACEY’s second single of the year, following “Alone In My Room (Gone),” which dropped in February. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter portrays the anxiety and stress that comes with social media, and the pressure of everything being “picture-perfect.”

As GRACEY sings “Like after like but I’m like losing my mind // ‘Cause I’m fully aware that I’m just wasting my time // Keeping the lows inside, I’m never asking for help // But do you ever get tired of pretending to be yourself,” she insists that social media can be exhausting.

The 17-year-old singer-songwriter Ruel joins in the chorus and sings his own verse: “Dark night, bright screen, you’ve been everywhere // It’s frightening to think you are unaware of me // Can you give me a little smile, please? // I, try to keep up my disguise // Try keeping up with the life // Only holidays, getaways, celebrations // Still, you can’t ignore, can’t endure the fabrication.” He captures the trend of trying to keep up a disguise and only posting good moments online. “Empty Love” is beautiful and genuine commentary on the pressures of an online presence and the toll it can take on a person. It is a single that combines the vocals of two young, incredibly talented artists, whose harmonies blend together effortlessly.

GRACEY also dropped a music video in the midst of this pandemic from her London home with fun and cool shots of her taking pictures from her computers. She navigates social media, zoom, wide angle and fisheye lens shots, and even 3D photoshop. Ruel joins in during his part with the same shots from his room in Australia.

You can watch the music video below. “Empty Love” is available on all streaming services.

Featured Image: Universal Music Publishing