Confetti Address the Elephant In The Room on Debut EP

Musical duo Confetti has released their debut EP, titled Elephant In The Room. The EP consists of five tracks: “Elephant In The Room,” “Ghost,” “Rob A Bank,” “Hot” and “Lie A Little.” The band explains the theme of the EP as, “Quite literally about the elephant in the room. That uncomfortable presence that reminds you why the current situation you’re in feels awkward. This societal issue is something we find ourselves in the middle of quite often because we are constantly offending somebody somewhere. Hopefully, this song is something most people can find the humility to relate to.”

Confetti’s music mixes classic indie pop and catchy lyrics but also incorporates a unique breezy undertone. The lyrics tackle common experiences of feeling like the odd one out and striving to be honest in a world full of liars. Their lyrical delivery is matter of fact, much like the vocal style used by bands like Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons.

The first song on the EP, its title track, sets the tone for the rest of the project. Confetti sings about feeling like the odd one out, the only one in the room who is willing to be honest and real. They sing, “I’m just the elephant in the room // What’s your best excuse,” and blatantly call out those who are afraid to share their uncensored feelings. The next track, “Ghost”, takes an interesting stance on the common term coined by Gen Z — “ghosting.” They sing, “That’s why I blocked you // ‘Cause I’m not the guy you should rely on,” not wanting to be constantly bothered while also admitting to some guilt for leaving the subject hanging. Sonically, it continues the same indie-pop sound heard on the title track.

“Rob A Bank” shows a darker, more intense side to Confetti’s music. The track is about not giving into extreme urges because of judgment from the outside world. The opening lyrics are pretty existential, questioning, “Would I be crazy if I thought the world was fake? // A game of simulation aliens play from outer space.” It’s definitely a unique track and great for dealing with any pent up frustrations one may have. The next track, “Hot”, has the most experimental and interesting production on the EP. It completely switches the tone from commentary on social expectations, to an ode to self-confidence.

The last track on Elephant In The Room is titled “Lie A Little” and it completely lives up to their claims throughout the EP. There’s a great piano during the chorus, as they sing, “I’m gonna make your problems disappear // So, I’m gonna lie a little.” There are also hip-hop-inspired elements throughout the song, which definitely stand out. On the first track, the lyrics are about being honest and critiquing those who aren’t. The last track is a complete admission of guilt about leading someone on. But, at least they’re practicing what they preach, right? It’s a bit of an oxymoron, leaving listeners wondering if admitting to lying is actually being honest.

In this project, Confetti’s lyrics are sharp and fun, but they make you think about your own behavior and place in society. This EP has a beachy, carefree feeling to it which can accompany of your summer beach days. For a debut EP, it’s clear that Confetti has a lot to say and are not afraid to say it, leaving us excited to hear more.

Featured Image: CloudKid