George Floyd protests

The George Floyd Protests and How You Can Help

It’s easy to feel helpless, especially during a pandemic, when there are communities out there who need immediate assistance. The ongoing protests across the country have shown that we need to support each other now more than ever.

The best ways to do so are to raise awareness and, if you are able, to donate to emergency funds in order to help protect protestors who have been demanding justice for George Floyd, who was murdered by four Minnesota police officers. You can donate and share on social media to encourage others to join in and help out. We can’t let this go on, and we all have to put in work in order to support Black lives and demand justice.

George Floyd protests
Photo by Laurie Shaull

Here is a short list of resources to help those in need (updated 6/2):


Donation split– Split your donation between 40+ mutual aid funds, jail funds and orgs all aimed at protecting protestors.

Campaign Zero– This organization’s goal is to end police brutality by providing tools and resources to those who need them.

The Black Lives Matter Carrd– This site has multiple links to resources and ways you can help.

How to Help When You Don’t Have Money–  This posts gives a step-by-step guide to donating ad revenue to the movement by watching YouTube videos.

Justice For Breonna Taylor– As we know, police brutality is not an isolated incident. Earlier this year, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed and her murderers walk free. This site is accepting donations to help bring her justice.

The Black Visions Emergent Fund – Black Visions aims to protect Black communities and dismantle systems of violence. You can donate to their emergent fund, or sign their petition to defund the MM police here.

Movement for Black Lives Mutual Aid Fund– This fund was created to support Black communities during COVID, who are often overlooked and under resourced during times of emergencies.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund– This org has been receiving donations to help bail out protesters who have been arrested during this time, and connect them with lawyers.

The North Star Health Collective – North Star offers medical support to those who are in need, including on-site nurses and medics.

Legal Rights Center – The center provides criminal defense and legal services for people of color around Minneapolis, including arrested protesters.

Reclaim The Block – The group gives Black communities resources like emergency mental health response and economic support.

To offer even more support, visit this WFPC Mutual Aid Document, where there are dozens of resources for helping out those in need.

Featured Image: Flickr Creative Commons (Fibonacci Blue)

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