Pride Playlist 2020

June is here, which means that Pride Month is officially upon us. This year, Pride certainly hits different. Our Black brothers and sisters, along with allies across the country, have taken to the streets in protest of racial injustice following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. Millions at home have also thrown their support behind the Black Lives Matter movement by donating money, educating those who benefit from white privilege, and sharing a variety of resources that will help bring about much needed change.

At Soundigest, we’ve always felt strongly that our differences are something that should be embraced and celebrated, and that no one should be denied basic human rights. Our LGBTQ+ community is resilient, courageous, and full of love, and this year, our Pride playlist is dedicated to the millions of Black LGBTQ+ folks who continue to fight for basic freedoms that aren’t contingent upon who they love or the color of their skin.

For more resources on how you can help in the wake of George Floyd’s death, click here. And while we know it’s awfully hard to celebrate anything today, we hope you’ll hit play someday soon, when marginalized voices are heard and long overdue justice is finally served.

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