Anti-Racist Resources For Allies

Anti-Racist Media to Help Improve Your Allyship: Books, Films and More

At Soundigest, we have been actively searching for ways to support our Black brothers and sisters in their fight for racial justice, and there are a variety of ways to do so. Some people are taking to the streets in solidarity, others are donating to bail funds and Black-led organizations, and some are simply getting educated about being actively anti-racist.

Last week, we shared a few ways you can financially contribute to the effort, but now we’re sharing a list of films, documentaries, books and podcasts you can watch and listen to that will help you better educate yourself about the movement and how you — and we — can best positively play a role in helping the Black community achieve racial justice.

Of course, you may have already seen a number of titles across social media; however, we’ve compiled them together into a single comprehensive list. If you’re looking for a way to be a better accomplice to the movement, read on. And if you have additional suggestions, shoot us a tweet — we’re happy to further add to the list!

Featured Image: Julian Wan via Unsplash

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