Anti-Racist Resources For Allies

Anti-Racist Media to Help Improve Your Allyship: Books, Films and More


1. 13th (directed by Ava DuVernay)

Named after the 13th Amendment in the United States Constitution — which abolished slavery in 1865 — 13th touches on the exception to the rule, or in this case, the law. Based on the language set forth in the Constitution, criminals aren’t exempt from involuntary servitude. Director Ava DuVernay explores this intersection of Black criminality, politics and mass incarceration.

2. I am not Your Negro (directed by Raoul Peck)

Based on renowned Black author James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript for Remember This House, I Am Not Your Negro recounts the history of racism in America, paralleling the 1960s Civil Rights Movement with today’s Black Lives Matter movement.

3. Becoming (directed by Nadia Hallgren)

Former first lady Michelle Obama gives an intimate look at her life in Becoming, a telling documentary that follows Obama during her book tour for her memoir of the same name. Not only do you get an inside look at one of America’s most celebrated first ladies, but you also get a chance to see her impose some of her immense wisdom onto the women and girls she met along the way.

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