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Billie Eilish Proves Her Wisdom on Body Image and Mental Health

For an 18-year-old with five Grammys, Billie Eilish is already making waves and continuing to do so. In the past three years, Eilish has broken records for streaming on Spotify and her sweep at the 2020 Grammys. After the release of 2019’s When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go, Billie skyrocketed from Twitter favorite to household name. Despite being so young, the California artist seems to be taking it in stride, while being effortlessly herself.

In a new article with British GQ, Billie speaks like she is wise beyond her years. She touches on her rise to fame, mental health and breaking molds in the music industry. In a time when talking about race is more important than ever, she also reflects on Tyler the Creator‘s condemnation of labeling songs by black artists as “urban.” Republic Records has vowed to stop using that adjective, and we hope others will follow soon. Billie acknowledges her privilege as as a white artist. However, she still despises being put in the box of “pop” artist, just because she is a solo, young female singer. Despite the label, Billie continues to creatively do what makes her happy.

Billie also spoke adamantly about body image and how she will dress however she wants. She attributes her baggy clothes to her insecurities, saying, “I have never felt desired.” That is a difficult thing to admit at only 18. Billie claims she will wear what she wants, but also has a fear of being overly sexualized. She cites this in reference to a picture of her in a tank top, which went viral on Twitter.

However, Eilish said that since hate comments have previously caused her to be suicidal, she stays away from social media. To show how in control and outspoken she is on issues surrounding body image, Billie included a video interlude in her tour, depicting her shedding clothes while questioning, “Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?”

Billie is well-spoken and inspirational when it comes to heavy topics such as body dysmorphia and depression. The GQ interview shows a side of Billie that most surface-level listeners wouldn’t notice. Her openness about feeling desired and pressured for her appearance is refreshing. Eilish has broken through the often shallow “pop star” label and made it her own. Billie Eilish started the year with a bang. We hope she continues to be outspoken and honest. Despite tour cancellations and postponements, 2020 is still Billie’s year.

Featured Image: Instagram (@billieeilish)

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