Kane Brown Is Breaking Country Stereotypes With New Single, “Worldwide Beautiful”

Country music artist Kane Brown has always been different from typical country music artists, and his latest single is a testament to how he feels as one of the few Black country artists. While we have seen some diversifying in the country music world, there is still a long way to go.

Kane Brown shared his side of things on his latest single. “Worldwide Beautiful” speaks to a lot about the current fight for racial justice, and fans have shown overwhelming support for both the song and Brown. “Worldwide Beautiful” is chock-full of messages about equality and acceptance and is sure to bring some hope to a lot of people.

“Worldwide Beautiful” was released earlier this month, just as protests kicked in to high gear. The single is a well-blended mix of R&B and country, which KB is well-known for. The song further preaches equality and love for one another that is not so typical with today’s country music. Some of the most powerful lyrics of the single are the first ones that fans hear: “White churches, black churches // Different people, same hearses // It’s kinda hard to fight with each other // Layin’ down in the ground six under.” The song also follows through with a powerful message in the chorus, making it an anthem about love for all.

Fans have shown an overwhelming amount of support for “Worldwide Beautiful.” Most fans are saying that it was the perfect song released at just the perfect time, which could not be any more true. Brown has always been open about his life and how he views the world around him, especially being a person of color in a predominantly white music genre. Check out “Worldwide Beautiful” below!

Featured Image: RCA Records Nashville