Black Lives Matter

10 Songs to Keep the Black Lives Matter Momentum Alive

Black Lives Matter

Here at Soundigest, we’re dedicated to utilizing our platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement in any way possible. As fellow music lovers, we decided to compile a playlist of songs to keep the Black Lives Matter momentum alive.

Black artists have been highlighting themes of racial inequality long before this year, but the recent events in America have given a spotlight to the racial injustices and oppression that the black community has faced for centuries. This year specifically, the Black Lives Matter movement has undeniably grown after the tragic murder of George Floyd. As the movement strengthens through passion and empathy, some artists have been inclined to release new protest anthems on a whim! With an array of both older tracks and new releases, this lineup of songs is here to remind you that the time for change is now, and it can start with you!

Featured Image: Instagram (@leonbridgesofficial)

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