Music Industry Racism

5 Musicans Who Have Urged the Music Industry to Fight Racism

3. Beyoncé

During the YouTube virtual commencement event for the class of 2020, Beyoncé subtly called out the music industry for overlooking black people, especially black women. She talked about having to forge her own path as a black woman in the music industry, as she climbed higher from being a musician to an executive. She also highlighted the importance of filling your team with underdogs and people who have been constantly overlooked, such as black women.

During her speech, she told the class of 2020, “Not enough black women had a seat at the table, so I had to go and chop down that wood and build my own table. Then, I had to invite the best there was to have a seat… Many of the best creatives and business people, who although supremely qualified and talented, were turned down over and over as executives at major corporations because they were female or because of racial disparity. And I’ve been very proud to provide them with a place at my table.”

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