Music Industry Racism

5 Musicans Who Have Urged the Music Industry to Fight Racism

4. The Weeknd

Some artists are not just demanding the end of racism in the industry, but donations to Black Lives Matter organizations. Abel, professionally known as The Weeknd, is one of the most successful musicians today. He has used his platform to put pressure on major labels and music companies to donate, calling them out by name.

In a Tweet on June 2, Abel penned, “To my fellow respected industry partners and execs — no one profits off of black music more than the labels and streaming services. I gave yesterday and I urge you to go big and public with yours this week. It would mean the world to me and the community if you can join us.” Attached to this statement was a photo of the major labels — Universal, Sony, Warner, Spotify and Apple Music. Days after Abel’s call to action, every single one of these major music companies made a donation or pledged to develop anti-racist initiatives within their companies.

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