WayV Invite You to Turn Back Time With Awaken the World LP

WayV is back with the release of their first full-length album, Awaken the World. The title track “Turn Back Time” is the conceptual sequel to the septet’s previous singles “Take Off” and “Moonwalk.” Now that they’ve successfully taken off and taken over the moon, the only way to return is to stop, rewind and turn back time.

The dance-heavy track features a futuristic music video in which the members are trapped in an apocalyptic bunker.

“Oh start the ego again, minute by minute // The path to the future wouldn’t be repeated // Oh my colorless consciousness wakes up // Turning back time (5432),” the guys sing on the chorus, followed by multiple rap verses from YangYang, WinWin, Hendery and Lucas.

It wouldn’t be a WayV title track without a dance break before heading in the bridge, which features Kun and Xiaojun’s captivating vocals and a flawless high note from Ten.

Awaken the World features 10 tracks focusing mainly on electrifying pop, dance and hip-hop. Rappers Hendery and YangYang are credited as co-writers on many of the tracks.

“Bad Alive” and “Unbreakable” are sure to get listeners on their feet right away with bass and synth-heavy hip-hop tracks that will no doubt fuel your confidence and ego.

The sensual synth-pop “After Midnight” follows in the lyrical footsteps of last year’s hit anthem “Love Talk.”

“Only Human” is a unit-track featuring rappers Hendery, YangYang, WinWin and Lucas. The song showcases smooth vocals and slick rap verses. As the youngest of the group, YangYang proves he’s one to watch with his standout rap style as well as a lyricist and vocalist.

The addictive “Domino” that has Xiaojun showcasing his versatile vocals in falsetto-form and ad-libs. The dance-pop “Electric Hearts” is another standout track.

The album closes out with the cheerful “Stand By Me,” with lyrics that are sure to make fans happy.

Only a year and a half into their debut as the China-based subset of NCT, the C-pop group have proven to be all-rounders with a mass amount of potential. Awaken the World is a solid effort that does not disappoint, and we’re excited to see what path they will take next.

Listen to WayV’s Awaken the World album now:

Featured Image: SM Entertainment – Label V