Maren Morris Re-Records “Just For Now” and “Takes Two” for Girl

Maren Morris just surprised her fans by dropping two brand new singles, almost 15 months after the release of her sophomore album, Girl. Morris explained to her fans on Twitter that the two new singles are older songs of hers that she wanted to polish up and release for fans to finally hear. The new singles have now been added as additional tracks on Girl on all streaming platforms.

The first single, “Just For Now,” is a catchy ballad about urging someone to live in the moment and not be worried if things are going to work out in the long run. The song, which was originally recorded during the sessions for her debut album Hero, fits in very well with the rest of her latest album, Girl, where Morris continues to mix pop and R&B influences into her music. Maren sings in the chorus: “I don’t have to hold you to nothin’, honey I just wanna hold you closer // This could turn into somethin’ // Or tomorrow mornin’, it could be over.”

The second single, “Takes Two,” was recorded during the sessions for Girl and definitely has more R&B influences. In this song, Maren sings in the first verse, “You’re makin’ me melt // Now I’m runnin’ late // Keep on blamin’ myself // ‘Cause I got no restraint.” This song is about a love that consumes you and one that is almost impossible to walk away from.

These two new additions on Girl have been worth the wait, and we’re so glad Maren decided to polish them up for release. “Just For Now” and “Take Two” are available to listen on all streaming platforms. Be sure to check them both out and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts on these new releases.

Featured Image: Instagram (@marenmorris)