Surfaces Team Up With Elton John on Sunny Collab “Learn to Fly”

Texas duo Surfaces is bringing some much-needed positivity to 2020. They had a viral hit last year with “Sunday Best (feeling good, like i should),” and are continuing onward and upward. Their latest single, “Learn to Fly,” is breezy and features the one and only Elton John. Nothing is as great as one of the greats teaming up with a blossoming talent. Surfaces blends genres, from jazz and pop to soul and calypso. So Elton John’s vocals fit perfectly into this track that sounds like pure sunshine.

“Learn to Fly” has a genre-bending vibe that mixes new beats with a classic, jazzy piano. The single will make fans of modern and classical music fall in love. Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki have soft vocals that add to the lightness of the song. Elton John’s soulful verse adds a level of complexity to the track and really rounds it out. When the three artists blend their voices and instrumentals together, listeners can’t stop from smiling.

Through this high-stress time, “Learn to Fly” is like a breath of fresh air. Elton John worked with Surfaces virtually during this pandemic, to create art that would bring hope to listeners. The words of “Learn to Fly” exude positivity, even when it seems like you aren’t going anywhere. We can all get something out of these lyrics, because “if you loosen up you might just learn to fly.”

It’s amazing that Surfaces has only been around since 2017. The duo is making waves and bringing positive vibes. With a lot of listens on Spotify and a collaboration with one of the most renowned musicians, these boys are going places. Even if they can’t go places physically right now, their music is reaching out and bringing the sun and musical innovation to anyone who will listen. If Surfaces and Elton John can create this beautiful song through Zoom calls, anything is possible.

Featured Image: Surfaces LLC

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