Tom Walker “Wait for You”

“Wait for You” Is the Heartfelt Tom Walker Single We Needed

Singer-songwriter Tom Walker has released his latest single, “Wait for You,” which is full of strength and optimism, perfect for this difficult time that we’re all facing. “Wait for You” is Tom Walker’s first single since the release of his first album, What A Time To Be Alive. This single will be found on his second studio album, which will hopefully be released later this year.

While at first listen, the song appears to be about a lover going through a hard time, Tom Walker actually wrote the song about a friend from the past. This friend faced a difficult challenge during his teen years and Tom was there to support his friend through it all. The single is heartfelt and full of strength and guidance for the friend, telling a story that needed to be told through the emotion of the lyrics. The lyrics are reassuring; a message of hope and friendship for the ones who may not feel the hope. Some of the fan favorite lyrics of the song are: “I know it’s hard for you to talk // Bare your soul and open up // I will wait for you, I will wait for you // Can’t pretend to understand // I’ll be here to hold your hand // I will wait for you, I will wait for you.”

In celebration of the single’s release, Tom Walker has been performing his own “world tour” through Zoom. This allowed him to connect with fans during this time of loneliness, caused by the pandemic. Needless to say, fans are excited about the single and the talk of a future album. Until then, listen to “Wait for You” and feel the hope and strength for yourself:

Featured Image: Relentless Records

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