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Camila Cabello’s “First Man” Video Is an Emotional Tribute to Her Father

If you haven’t yet had a good old-fashioned Father’s Day cry, you’re in luck. Camila Cabello just released the music video for “First Man” in honor of her father Alejandro yesterday (June 21), and we seriously can’t stop sobbing over it.

The video is a compilation of sweet home videos from Cabello’s childhood. Specifically, it includes footage of special moments the pop star shared with her father throughout her life, from infancy up until now.

“Papa, I made this for you,” Cabello wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for loving me, unconditionally, ferociously, and constantly. doesnt matter if I fail or succeed, doesn’t matter if I feel on top of the world or like the dirt on my shoe lol. you love me just because you love me, without me needing to do or be anything other than just me.”

Cabello closed out the sweet caption by thanking her father for loving her unconditionally and for showing her what love really is. “Thank you endlessly, for everything,” she added. “Thank you for showing me what love is and for showing me how to be loved. I will always be your little girl.”

For those of you who’ve never heard the song, it’s a sweet ballad from Cabello to her father. In it, she sings about meeting the love of her life while still knowing that her father was “the first man” who truly loved her. “I swear on my heart / That he’s a good man / I know you’ll stay up late /Just waiting for me,” she sings on the chorus. “You held me so tight / Now someone else can / But you were the first man that really loved me.”

Cabello’s new video isn’t the first time the emotional song has forced us to pull out the box of tissues. At the 62nd Grammy Awards in January, Cabello sang the tear-jerking tune directly to her father in the audience. And when we tell you there wasn’t a dry eye in the building, we’re not exaggerating.

Clearly, Cabello and her father have a very special bond, and no matter what, he’ll always be the first. Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Now excuse us as we watch the music video on repeat and continue bawling our eyes out.

Featured Image: Instagram (@camillacabello)

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